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New Single Release! "MoonBounce" by Charlie Harris

Hey all! I am releasing my new single on Wednesday, February 27th! Hope you all give it a listen, can't wait to see you at the next NowWhat event!

MoonBounce is a dance-inspired track that is meant to be fun, spacey, a little dark, and make listeners want to MOVE. The song is dedicated to all of my friends in the space industry, who are some of the most hard-working and motivated people I have ever met. I left a career in space behind to pursue music, and MoonBounce was the first song I wrote after moving to New York. It’s largely based around a really intangible concept in the chorus; a cross between a ticketed ride, a giant party, and an interplanetary adventure. With my music I want to paint uncertain but promising pictures, and put my listeners in a forward-looking but positive mindset.