Where does Now What?? take place? How often do you meet?

Now What?? Takes place the second Wednesday of each month. Our main home is Spreadhouse Cafe, but be on the lookout for venue changes per event as we have had outside collaborative events and are always down to do more!

How much is a ticket to attend?

FREE .99! This event is completely free and we always intend to keep them that way, as accessibility is a huge part of our mission. We just ask that you RSVP using our eventbrite link, support the bar and if you share on your social media that would be appreciated!

Is this a panel?

Now What?? is not a panel! It is an audience led conversation moderated by the hosts. What makes us so unique is that we are all participants for the evening. There is no presentation - YOU are the event!

What kind of questions do I bring to the table?

Now What?? welcomes all questions and discussion - there are no “stupid” questions. In order to make the discussion as productive as possible, we do ask that you keep to questions that can have solution based answers.

Who are the hosts?

Lilly Torres, Eliza Berse and Vira Byramji. You can read more about us here!

Can I bring a friend?

Bring all your friends! The more diverse the participants range of knowledge and experience is, the more we have to contribute to the conversation.

How do I submit my event to be shared on Now What?? social media platforms?

Please send us your flyers and shares through Instagram DMs! We love to repost your highlights and events on our stories to share with the community.

How do I subscribe to the newsletter

Check out the button at the top of the home page and the bottom of each page on this site!

How can I get involved?

We are always looking for inspired and proactive people to join the ambassador team! Now What?? is rapidly growing and expanding its community impact. We welcome those who are moved by the mission and would like to join the team!

How do I schedule a meeting with one of the hosts for specific professional projects?

Lilly, Eliza and Vira all have different backgrounds in the music industry and are all available for individual (or group) consultation and hiring. Feel free to use the contact page or email us directly at NowWhatEvents@gmail.com to set up a call or meeting.

How do I get Now What?? to come talk to my College/University?

Contact us through the website or directly at NowWhatEvents@gmail.com. We’d love to come talk with students and find it extremely rewarding for everyone involved!

How do I submit comments and suggestions on how to better the Now What?? Community

Please feel free to send us your thoughts through our contact page, or slide into our DMs on social media!

How can I share Now What?? with others in the community? (contacts, socials)

The best way to keep in the loop is by following us on Instagram & Facebook  @nowwhat.nyc or Twitter @nowwhatnyc! You can share from there, or directly from our website here.


  1. Say hi to your neighbor. (If you feel like you’re the only person is the room who doesn’t know anyone -- you’re not).

  2. While this is a freeform community question and answer session, please focus on asking questions that have a solution based answer.

  3. Raise your hand clearly if you would like to contribute.

  4. If a mediator raises her hand, it’s a sign to wrap up your turn.

  5. Give others a chance to speak.

  6. Remember that YOU are the event.