“Made a friend and connect, I invited him to a DJ show my friends played the other weekend, which he came to, and then he got me a DJ gig after that! So what you guys are doing works!” - Victor Gomez (DJ)

“Immediate goals vary by artist. We are all unique right? I encourage you to attend Now What?? events as much as possible. The founders all have tremendous reach into all areas of the music business and you never know who will show up.” - Xosé

Mohamdioua (COO, Big House Publishing)

“Wow, I didn’t realize how much people really needed this.” - Davy Levitan (Music Director, Gabriel Garzón-Montano)

“We’re so hyped to be able to work with someone we met from one of your meetups!” - Michael Vang (Singer-songwriter, Blonde Arts Management)


“Thank you so much to [Now What??] for putting together this amazing event and creating opportunities for many talented and knowledgeable individuals in creative industries like myself to come together, share experiences, discuss real-time issues, provide solutions and most importantly, establish strong connections and networks!” -Steve Louis (Musician, producer)

“I haven’t been to a single event and have learned more from your livestream than I have from hours on Youtube and Google. Very helpful and more importantly inspirational. Keep it up!” - Prez Plus One (Rapper, DJ)

“Musicians, if you’re looking for answers, GO HERE!” - Moxie Knox (Singer-songwriter)