Each month we recap our events in the Now What?? Newsletter. We summarize the questions and answers discussed in the group conversation and provide links to the resources that were shared.

Highlights from previous Newsletters…

“Last week was "Strictly Business" in what was our most heavily financial and negotiation-oriented conversation yet! We spoke on opinions regarding split rate percentages with producers and songwriters,” May Newsletter

“Last Event's Recap / What We Learned: How can independent musicians best connect to industry professionals? Where do you find the best fitting manager and what qualities do you like for?” June Newsletter

"What's the best way to release a visual project?". It was a topic that lended itself to plenty of constructive insight and suggestions. First we discussed developing a strong rollout plan that focuses on "treating the film as if it were a performance". July Newsletter

“The first question brought to the group was, how do you get your music commercially placed as an independent artist? (For example: commercials, sports, film, retail.) The first suggestion from the group was tried and true internet research. While we don't always think of it… is a great place to look up names..” August Newsletter

“One question raised was, "What are the benefits of hiring a public relations (PR) specialist and how much should someone (an artist and their team)  be willing to budget? While ideas varied, the popularly recommended…” September Newsletter

“ONE YEAR! When asked the best way to rebrand yourself via social media, our members had many suggestions. We discussed acknowledging your own authentic identity, and that sharing yourself wholly as you are is an invaluable insight for your followers. Transparency with your audience, more often than not, goes acknowledged...was suggested as a way to build genuine audience engagement …” October Newsletter

“During “Now What?? Mental Health Edition”  there was one common theme that filled the air — SOCIAL MEDIA. The community posed many questions, for example: How can we tune out of social media when it is often the only direct link to our supporters and a potential global market? How do we maintain our chill when we can’t control the overload of trash content we scroll through daily? Where’s the balance that we can find in order to maintain our mental health? Tips from the participants included:” November Newsletter

“"I recently did a private screening of a documentary to go alongside an EP. The documentary is less than 30 minutes and was submitted to SXSW, but we want it to get picked up by Netflix or Hulu. How do we approach doing so? It was highly suggested not to release this content on Youtube first...Crowd Answered:” December Newsletter

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