Welcome to the “Now What??” community.

We are an evolving platform providing a space to promote cross-pollination between peers in every facet of the music industry. Inclusivity, diversity and accessibility are crucial to Now What??’s mission. Our free events are uniquely led entirely by those who attend, while being moderated by the co-hosts. We create an opportunity to ask questions and provide lived experiences about working in the music industry.


There is a wide range of topics brought to the table: building an artist’s team, publishing & licensing, the differences between labels vs independent resources, promotion, and the future of the industry are all common themes. We challenge and inspire each other to find insightful solutions by sharing methodologies and resources, growing together. Networking opportunities established from our events have resulted in artists & producer collaborations, local acts booking gigs, and managers/scouts/A&R finding new talent.

Through this inclusive platform, we shift the focus away from social and economic imbalances, empowering New York’s most talented artists and leaders. Now What?? is in session every second Wednesday of each month, with an attendance of approximately 40-60 people.


Inclusivity and diversity are crucial to Now What??’s mission. These events serve as resources for our community, which is comprised of working musicians, industry influencers and the people who support them. Each conversation provides solution- and experience-based resources. Everyone in the room tackles problems collaboratively, providing solutions and discussing important, timely topics affecting their work each month.

We do this by:

Hosting free, monthly roundtable events.

Asking attendees open-ended questions.

Facilitating an audience-led discussion moderated by the hosts.

Attending and supporting artists’ events and releases.

Posting community content, as well as our own promotional material, on social media.

Promoting collaboration within the Now What?? network.



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